Giant Cross Covered In Barnacles Washes Onto Florida Beach, Many Calling It A ‘Holy Sign

Walking the beach you come across different things.

Shells, dead fish, messages in bottles, and fishing nets are some of the more common things the tide can bring, but on a beach, in south Florida, a large wooden cross, twenty foot long, washed up. Behind the Ocean Manor Beach Resort in Fort Lauderdale, this wooden cross was covered by barnacles and seaweed, proving it spent a long time in the water.

John Moschella discovered the cross. In a recent interview with a local news outlet, he shared some people’s guesses about the cross’ origins. Places like Puerto Rico and the Florida Keys were among the hypotheses.

“It’s really unknown where it has come from,” he said.

Frank Talerico, the owner of the resort where the cross came ashore, attributes its landing there to an answered prayer. His sister often walks that portion of the beach and prays.

It took several people and four all-terrain vehicles to move the cross from the edge of the beach. If left there, the tide would either bury it or wash it back out to sea.

Greg Gay, a visitor to Florida, walked the beach before it was moved and filmed the cross getting covered by the tide.

“Had we been 10 minutes before or 10 minutes later, we wouldn’t have seen it,” he told the news channel WSVN.

He shared his video on Facebook.

The cross is now safely away from the water’s edge, and Talerico invites anyone who wants to come by an see it do so. He welcomes all selfie-seekers to snap as many photos as they’d like.

Whether this is an answer to prayer on the beach or the result of a severe storm and tide, it is an unusual sight.

“You rule over the surging sea; when its waves mount up, you still them.” Psalm 89:9 NIV

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