German shepherd smells gas, saves family

A loving pet can make a great addition to any family. There are different options when looking for a pet. Many prefer local shelters over pet stores and breeders. Ken Walsh explored this option when he wanted a new dog.

Walsh and his family met Greta, a 5-year-old German shepherd. They brought her into their home despite being told she had a few behavioral problems.

“I rescued Greta knowing she was a great dog under her patchy past,” Walsh expressed. “She has come a long way. I thank God for bringing her into my life.”

One night Greta started barking and making lots of noise. She wouldn’t stop until Ken woke up. This was unusual behavior for their normally quiet pet. Walsh tried to uncover why she was acting so this way.

Greta continued to bark until Ken walked into the kitchen. At that moment he noticed the stove was leaking gas. It must have been happening for a while and went into other rooms of the house.

It seemed as if one of the other pets jumped on the counter, causing the knob to turn on the gas.

“All it would have taken was a spark,” Walsh said. “It was very scary after I got a chance to sit down and think about it.”

“She’s a hero.”

The family shared the story on social media with a message about adopting pets from local shelters.

What a sweet story of how the Walsh family rescued Greta and she returned the favor.

Thank you Lord for all of your precious animals. Amen!

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