Garbageman Pulls 93-Year-Old Woman into Truck To Save Her from Wildfire

California still struggles with massive wildfires. News coverage gives updates, but only little improvement has been made to contain the blaze.

Residents near the fires are making ‘go’ bags filled with emergency items in case of last-minute evacuations. This will allow them to bring important documents, food and personal items with them if they have to leave.

One neighborhood recently received these orders to leave the area. Dane Ray Cummings was taking his standard path to pick up trash. He wanted to finish his day and see if certain residents had left.

“I been on that route eight years, and I just picked the people that I knew were older, and I tried to stop and help them and let them know that they were coming and make sure they were getting out,” he said in an interview.

One of those people is 93-year-old Margaret Newsum. She didn’t have a way to leave or a place to go to escape the area. She stood outside of her home to see if anyone could help her. It was perfect timing when Cummings drove up to her home.

“I went out and was standing on the front porch when this great, big, green monster drove up, and my dear friend was emptying the garbage,” she shared. “And he said, ‘You’re not staying here. You’ve got to get out of here. Why are you still here?’”

The two spent about 5 hours on the road evacuating from the area. The two spoke for hours on the trip.

“He learned my history from the time I was born until today,” Margaret said.

Newsum’s home ended up not being affected, but the kind gesture definitely touched her heart.

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