First Class Passenger See’s A Soldier Walking By Him, Won’t Let Her Take Another Step

Flying on an airplane is one of the most efficient ways to get from point A to B. However, most people will find that when they fly there are many different frustrations and challenges that come with it. One of the biggest challenges that people have is that the average seat in the economy section of a plane today feels much smaller and less comfortable than it did in the past. At the same time, many of the traditional perks and amenities that came with flying at been taken away to cut down on operating costs. 

While people who may sit in the back of a plane to experience some discomfort, those that are able to pay for a first class ticket could have a much different experience. The first class experience includes many perks including early boarding, larger and more comfortable seats, and even free drinks for the whole trip. To make matters worse, most coach passengers are required to walk through the first-class cabin on their way back to their smaller and less comfortable seats. 

In the majority of situations, first class passengers are able to enjoy their upgraded comfort without worrying about giving the seat away. However, on one flight recently, a very surprising gesture was made between a first class passenger and someone that was going to be sitting in coach. 

As a flight was boarding, a passenger in the back of the plane noticed that a service woman was coming down the aisle to board. The woman clearly had already had a very long day and was still wearing her full uniform. Surprisingly, a man in first class gave her a long stare. At first, those in the back of the plane thought it was out of annoyance. However, they were quickly amazed when the man thanked the woman for her service and offered her the chance to switch seats. 

The service woman gladly accepted the very nice gesture and the man ended up taking her seat, which was in the middle of one of the last rows on the plane. This proved to show how generous people can be and how much people can appreciate the service that those in the armed forces give to the rest of the country. 

After going back to his new seat, the passengers spoke briefly with some other passengers on the plane but clearly did not want to receive the attention that he was given. One passenger on the plane even wrote him a short note and sent him a small bill while encouraging him to use it on his next drink. The man said that he was thankful for the nice gesture, but ended up turning it down entirely. 

The entire exchange was very heartwarming and inspirational. While people work very hard to earn the money necessary to pay for a first-class ticket, it was nice to see that someone was willing to give it up to honor someone that was in the armed forces. This act should continue to be a lesson to others that are looking for ways to do good acts that likely will never be repaid.

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