Exhausted Mom Believes 40-Hr Labor Is Finally Over Then Nurse Stitching Her Up Sees Another Head

Maybe you have a parent who tells stories that begin “I had to drive two hours through the snow,” and you sigh at the tall tale, but in this case, Nicole and Matthew Ziesemer did drive two hours through a blizzard to reach a hospital after her water broke a little after midnight.

Her labor was nearly five weeks early, and after thirty-seven hours of intense contractions, Nicole finally gave birth to a beautiful 4-pound, 4-ounce baby girl, Blakeley Faith.

Their first child arrived after hard labor, and mom and dad were mid-celebration when her doctor checked on Nicole. To all their surprise, there was another head crowning!

“We thought she was kidding,” Michelle told a local news outlet.

Because the Ziesemer’s wanted as natural a birthing experience as possible, they and their doctor had no idea the couple was expecting twins. The little boy hid behind his sister and was not visible in the ultrasound.

Matthew said “all hell broke loose” after that and medical personnel swarmed the room. After another hour of labor and pushing, Cade Matthew joined his sister outside the womb.

The shock to the parents and the doctor was one thing, but the surprise the Ziesemer’s extended family had was too precious. Their faces, frozen in wonder as they speechlessly stood in the birthing suite, were hilarious.

We don’t blame them. Everyone only expected one baby. It collectively dawned on all of them they were not prepared to welcome two new additions to the family. They needed double diapers, cribs, car seats, clothes, and more!

While Faith was able to go home immediately, little Cade was transferred to another hospital to treat breathing problems. He will soon join his sister at home, where the family has made room for him.

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