Everyone Laughed When A Farmer Takes The Stage, But Then She Blows The Lid Off The Place

The majority of people will not admit that they usually take one look at a person that they are not familiar with and immediately form their own opinion of them. It is part of the natural characteristic of humans to do this, and often times the opinion is wrong. Sometimes the way a person speaks may give false indications as to who they really are and the amazing talents that they may possess. This is very truthful for the judges, and the audience, on a recent broadcast of The X Factor television talent show. When Jacqueline Faye walked onto the talent stage and opened her mouth, she was greeted with laughter from the entire crowd of people assembled there. Jacqueline Faye is a British farmer who did not hesitate to tell everyone about the farm animals that she and her husband had. She spoke about them as though they had some human qualities. Her peacocks were made to appear as children or very close friends. Jacqueline excused her husband for not being at the show because he had to stay with the critters. This brought an explosion of laughter from the judges and audience alike. From these few moments, it was well known by everyone that this lady only wanted to be on television and had no real talent.

What seemed to be a brutal joke at first shocked the socks off of everyone in the building. When Jacqueline Faye opened her mouth and began to sing, jaws dropped and eyes were opened wide. The sound that protruded from her lips were nothing short of amazing. She sang a soul stirring You’re My World, and the original artists sang it no better. She received standing ovations from the audience and the judges. Needless to say, Jacqueline won the hearts of the judges and will continue on in the show. Her family who were waiting in the wings were in tears throughout her performance, and showed sighns of elation when Jacqueline walked off the stage a victor. During the conversation that Jacqueline had with the judges before she performed, she made it known that she was quite fond of Robbie Williams which did not bother his wife at all.

Jacqueline had a show business demeanor. She was a little nervous when she first walked onto the stage, but soon became very comfortable as she joked about how she felt about Robbie Williams. She has what it takes to go far in the business if she chooses to do so. Even at the age of 54, she did not let age stand in her way of becoming a part of the musical scene that is filled with younger people. Adults will love whatever genre of music that Jacqueline decides to sing. The one judge that is usually harsh, Simon Cowell, was quick to sing Jacqueline’s praise. No one will be forgetting that performance from the farmer for a long time. For that reason, people should be more careful about judging appearances first. Jacquelinf Faye put that theory to rest, or at least made people think. Her true character is that of a warm, loving, comical, and talented person who just happens to live on a farm filled with small animals. Her voice is like a comforter that can soothe any raging storm.

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