Dog Falls Into Canal And Starts Drowning Until Group Of Dolphins Save Him

We commonly hear people use the term ‘Lucky Dog’, but in the story of Turbo the Doberman, it really was true.

It was in Marco Island, Florida where a dog was found paddling for its life. Neighbors were completely unaware of what was happening as several hours passed by. Turbo’s owners realized he was missing and looked for him, but never thought the dog would be in the canal.

Turbo tried to stay above the water and get out, but could not get over a wall where the solid ground was. He was exhausted and scared until finally, a few local dolphins discovered the dog and took action.

They stayed near the dog and started to squeal, swish and make sounds.

“In fact, they made so much noise that some people who lived nearby happened to hear them and investigated why they were being so loud. Then they noticed the dog trapped below the wall in the canal water,” one observer recalled.

A man in a boat heard the commotion. He realized the dog needed help, and contacted authorities while his wife went in the water to try to get Turbo out.

Fireman believes Turbo was swimming for an estimated 15 hours trying to stay alive. It is reported that the dog is now in good health and doing well.

Thank goodness the dolphins made such a scene! They have such a positive reputation when it comes to helping animals and people in times of danger. People visit with them for recreation, train them for tricks and they swim along boats at sea. We love these beautiful creatures, and I’m sure Turbo does too.

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