Doctors Pull Life Support On Brain-Dead Boy With No Chance And Witness A Christmas Miracle

When a newborn is delivered, we expect to hear sounds of a tiny voice crying and a squirming bundle of joy. For parents Becki and Phil Crook, their baby was very different.

“Kaleb was delivered, but we quickly saw that he was pale, floppy and not breathing,” Becki shared.

Medical staff explained that the baby didn’t get enough oxygen during the delivery and it caused severe damage to the newborn.

“Doctors told me that there was minimal brain activity and that there was no hope for his future,” Becki said.

Doctors transferred Kaleb to hospice care, with the intention of removing all life support. Kaleb’s heartbroken parents were left making end of life plans for their 10-day-old son and saying their final goodbyes.

“Doctors told us that Kaleb had catastrophic brain damage and that he would most likely die imminently,” she continued. “We were told he would only live for a few minutes so I held him so tightly in my arms.”

The couple wanted so much for their baby to be healthy and live. With no other options available, the team took the child off of the machines. It was at that moment that Becki got a sign.

“Kaleb gave my finger the faintest of squeezes and looked up at me, as if to say ‘it’s going to be okay, Mummy!’” Becki explained.

Baby Kaleb to a turn for the better and day by day started to recover. Everyone was in complete surprise. After spending time in the hospital to get stronger, Kaleb was finally able to go home.

He does have many special needs from the damage to his brain, but the family is thankful to have him and want to bless his life as much as possible.

“This is our new normal. This Christmas is a Christmas we never expected to have,” Becki said. “Kaleb can now be with us, experiencing the joy of life, against the odds. Our hope is that Kaleb will experience happiness and peace, in whatever capacity he is capable of. We want him to know how loved he is. No one knows what the future holds for Kaleb but at the moment he’s choosing ‘life’ every day and defying the odds,” Becki continued. “We had no idea we’d still have him with us today, he has astounded everyone he’s met. He is a true and living miracle, defying all of the doctor’s expectations.”

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