Doctors Didn’t Know Unborn Baby Suffered from Rare Condition, Snap All Her Bones During Birth

Thirty-two-year-old Samantha Renke was born with a genetic condition known as osteogenesis imperfecta, or in layman’s terms “brittle bone disease.”

“I’ve had over 200 fractures in my life,” she told The Wright Stuff. “I actually had fractures whilst I was in my mum’s belly.”

Renke shared how the doctors had no idea she had the condition in utero, so when they delivered her they broke her bones at birth.

Though Renke lives with this rare disability, it hasn’t stopped her from living life to the fullest and advocating for others with disabilities to do the same.

Not only does this amazing woman campaign for accessible homes in the U.K., but she also writes for the Huffington Post and has appeared as a panelist on London’s “Loose Women.” (similar to The View in the US)

“I wouldn’t change myself at all,” she said on Loose Women in July. “I get to do so many amazing things.”

Amazing is right. Renke wrote a Huffington Post article and talked about how she acted in the indie film “Little Devil,” and also had the privilege of appearing in a television ad for Maltesers candy.

Her appearance in the ad sparked bullying on social media. But Renke’s outlook has remained positive as she continues to spread awareness about living with a disability.

“Disability hate speech seems to be a growing issue,” she wrote in another article for Huffington Post. “I truly believe schools have a responsibility to not only tackle all types of bullying, but to prepare young people … by creating classrooms that celebrate difference.”

Her words are true and inspiring.

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