Doctor Finds Something Growing In Baby’s Belly And Spot The Same In The Twin. Turns Out To Be Cancer

It’s both interesting and frightening to have twins at the same moment! Alissa and Michael Dunn had twin girls and they were named Isabella and Madeline.

They went to a routine check-up when the girls were two months old, leaving everyone without words.
Madeline’s stomach was really swollen, and instantly the doctor was worried.

She was diagnosed with cancer after some tests, and Madeline was only two months old!

Isabella quickly began to demonstrate signs just like Madeline.

The siblings had identical tumors in their small bodies, and Stage 4S Neuroblastoma was a rare type of cancer.
The physicians were not sure whether either girl would survive.

Chemotherapy was provided to Madeline and Isabella to begin their treatments.
For the first therapy with chemotherapy, the girls were separated.

After that therapy, Madeline and Isabella became really sick – and Alissa and Michael were heartbroken.

The girls were placed back together during the second round of chemotherapy, and they appeared to perk up a bit, smiling again when they saw each other.

Both girls improved as the weeks went by.

They had an MRI performed once the treatments had been completed to see if the cancer was still there.

Just two weeks before Christmas, the family received the news–both girls were cancer free! What a wonderful gift!


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