Deleted ‘Titanic’ Scene Is So Emotional It Will Make You Say “I’ll Never Let Go” As You Grab Your Tissues

The scene itself might only be six minutes, but I’d grab a box of tissues before watching.

How many of you are huge fans of the 1997 classic Titanic? Well, what if we told you that there is a deleted scene from this beloved film that will make you cry even harder the next time you watch it? That’s right, this deleted scene takes place after the boat has sunk and right after Rose is able to make her way to the Carpathia, one of the ships that rescued passengers from Titanic.

In this clip, you can see some of the crew helping the exhausted Rose onto Carpathia, and Cal making his way down to steerage look for Rose. You can also see Rose’s mother looking for her daughter in the clip, all while an instrumental version of “My Heart Will Go On” plays softly in the background. Take a look at the deleted scene for yourself in the video below, but make sure to grab the tissues first!

[Source/Elite Daily]

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