Deaf Hiker Falls 700 Feet Down Mountain, When Rescuers Find Her, A Husky Had Already Came To Save Her Too

Falling from a height of 700ft is something you wouldn’t really want to experience, no matter how crazy or cool it sounded. However, bad things just happen and these situations are often beyond our control. But, there is a God up above and he works in the most mysterious ways. Amelia’s story is proof of that.

Amelia, who is deaf, is a seasoned hiker and often loves to go hiking by herself.

Staying true to her nature, that’s exactly what she did. The hiking aficionado took off for the Crow Pass Trail in Chugach State Park, Alaska. What was supposed to be a fun experience soon turned into a horror show. 4 miles in and that’s when one of the trekking poles decided to quit on Amelia. This caused the young hiker to lose her balance and fall about 300 feet below. If that wasn’t bad enough, she hit a boulder on the way and dropped down another 400 feet.

It was miracle that Amelia didn’t die right away. However, she did end up with a broken leg. But, it seemed like the horror didn’t just end yet when she saw a white creature emerge from the distance. It looked like a wolf and naturally, Amelia now had something more than just an injured leg to worry about.

But, as the creature got closer, Amelia heaved a sight of relief. The white, scary creature was a Husky named Nanook who had come to help out.

Find out what Nanook did for Amelia in the video below.

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