Dad Gets Note From Furnace Repairman Left On Receipt – No charge, take care of the new baby

Almost one year ago a family welcomed their second son into the world. Jesse and Maria Hulscher now had two beautiful boys: Henrick, 2, and Adler.

On the day before Maria and newborn Adler were scheduled to come home, the furnace went out in their Minnesota home.

“Instantly I panicked,” dad said. “I have a two-year-old here, a newborn coming home in a couple of days and this was before the big potential snowstorm.”

This problem needed a resolution, so Jesse called Magnuson Sheet Metal to see if they could fix the broken furnace as soon as possible. He spoke to co-owner, Craig Aurand and Aurand sensed the urgency in Jesse’s voice. A repairman was there within twenty minutes.

“He said, ‘the fan’s not working, the furnace isn’t working, my wife is in the hospital, we just had a baby yesterday,’” Craig shared. “I just said take it easy; we’ll be right there.”

They quickly diagnosed and fixed the problem. Maria and Alder would come home to a comfortable house, but when Jesse received the handwritten bill, he was surprised by what he saw written there.

“No charge, take care of the new baby,” it read.

Magnuson Sheet Metal, known for their generosity to families in need, says it was not a PR stunt, but instead, a great way to do business.

“We didn’t do it for the PR; we just did it to be good people. That’s it,” said Craig Aurand.

It is encouraging to know some people still love their neighbors as themselves.

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