Dad Sells Classic Car To Send Daughter To Seminary… 20 Years Later Finds Surprise In The Driveway

When we spend time with our families, we get to experience the purest form of God’s unconditional love. As God wanted us to have the time of our lives while we are on this planet, he blessed families with happiness and joy. We should be grateful to God for giving us such wonderful families as we can’t imagine life without them. It is a well-known fact that parents make enormous sacrifices to ensure that their children get everything they ever wanted. Stephanie’s father spent most of his childhood working with cars. At the age of 16, he brought a 1936 Ford Sedan back to life through restoration. He traveled throughout the country, going to various car shows and coming back home with a large number of trophies for first place.

Stephanie’s dad decided to sell his beloved car in 1993, as he wanted to pay for her daughter’s college fees. Stephanie said, “My dad talked about this car for as long as I can remember, always saying he would buy it back if he could find it.” After 20 years, Stephanie wanted to repay her father for making this incredible sacrifice for her. After searching for several months, she was able to track down the same car. Without bringing it to the attention of her father, she and the rest of the family members pooled in their money, to purchase the car. The father was reunited with his first love, the 1936 Ford Sedan, after 21 years.

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