Dad Loses Control of Truck, Dies in River. Then Cops Realize His Sons Died In Same River 4 Years Earlier

As much as we don’t want it to be true, loss is a part of life. We cannot do anything to bring back the people who we have lost, as God has decided that their time has come. The only way to move past it is to allow ourselves to heal through grieving.

Jesse Bullock Sr. was a 37-year old man living in Illinois with his family when he lost control of his truck and fell into Edwards River. Unfortunately, he died before he could be rescued.

He was survived by his wife and their two kids, who, obviously were heartbroken. But the family’s loss and pain were even worse than most people were aware of.

While investigating the death, police discovered that Jesse was not the first person in his family to meet his death at that particular river. As it turns out, two of the Bullock kids died in the very same river four years earlier.

Jesse Bullock Jr., who was 12 years old at the time, and his younger brother, 9-year old Nic were working in the fields four summers ago and decided to cool down in the river. It was then that the two boys fell into a deep hole in the shallow parts of the river, 15 feet under the water. Another brother, 6-year old Thomas was also there that day but was saved just in time by a cousin.

Four years later, the family loses another member at the same hands. In such a strange and chilling, yet the sad turn of events, we can only imagine how devastated the remaining Bullock family must be.

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