Dad Goes for Haircut at Salon. Collapses 3 Days Later, Left Fighting For His Life

Many will agree, it’s a relaxing experience to lay back in a padded chair at the beauty parlor while someone else washes your hair. We associate it with treating yourself or just a regular part of our grooming routine.

It’s nice to get a gentle massage for your scalp. Sometimes it’s difficult to not close your eyes and doze off during the procedure.

This was not the case for one unfortunate dad who got way more than he bargained for. He did not realize that there was any problem, though, until until three days after visiting a salon.

Suddenly, his right side went numb just prior to him collapsing. At only 45 years old, Dave Tyler was in for the shock of his life after being rushed to the hospital.

It was determined Tyler had suffered a stroke caused by a blood clot. But it was how he got the blood clot that was surprising.

Apparently, the problem was created when he tilted his head too far back while getting his hair washed. The angle of his head injured his neck, causing the clot to form.

This may seem like an isolated incident, but “Beauty Salon Stroke Syndrome,” as it has come to be referred to as, was first recognized in 1993. A woman in Great Britain suffered the same fate in early 2017.

The angle of a person’s head while receiving a shampoo can restrict a person’s blood flow, leading to a stroke. The proper angle should be no more than 15 degrees.

Those who are elderly, suffer from arthritis of the neck, or already experience weak blood flow to the brain are especially susceptible. So if any of those descriptors apply to you, make sure your head and neck are properly supported the next time you get your hair done.

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