Customer Assaults McDonalds Employee Over Straw

Daniel Taylor was arrested at a McDonalds in Saint Petersburg, Florida, on New Year’s Eve after reaching across a counter to assault an employee over an apparent issue with the chain’s straw policy.

A cell phone video of the altercation that was circulated online shows Taylor lunging to grab McDonald’s employee Yasmine James, who was working at the cash register, by the collar. James reacted quickly, punching the aggressor over and over before other employees stepped in to pull them apart. Taylor also kicked another employee in the stomach as he was escorted from the building, according to reports Police later arrested him, holding him on two counts of simple battery.

In the video you can see Taylor asking for a refund after the altercation.

McDonalds released a statement in response to the incident, saying their first priority is always the safety of employees and customers.

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