Curious Cat Interrupts Live Interview – And Owner Deals With It Like A Pro

Technology has been so helpful over the years, especially with the convenience of video conferences and interviews. We are able to connect in a way like never before. A computer camera, a light, and a microphone are all that is needed. In this particular news interview, it was a cat that was the unexpected accessory.

Julissa Arce was scheduled to speak with a Channel news anchor one Tuesday evening on live television. Her makeup and hair were clean and polished. Her background was tidy and neat. All was perfect. She was ready to take on the tremendous exposer and have an amazing interview.

Everything seemed to start smoothly until out of nowhere Julissa’s cute and fuzzy tabby cat hopped up on the table. It walked directly into the view of the live streaming conversation. It continued to ease right in front of the camera blocking the majority of Julissa’s face.

Julissa quickly realized what was happening and immediately took action. She gently removed her furry feline and flawlessly kept focused on the real-time broadcast at hand. With just a tiny grin on her face, Arce continued to stay engaged and professional for the entire time.

Viewers on social media made cute comments about not only the kitty, but praised Julissa for keeping it together during the circumstances.

One person wrote, ” A cat enjoying a cameo on channel paw news there – Julissa Arce handling it very well.”

At the end of the day, not only was the interview widely seen, but the cat has since become a viral sensation.

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