Couple adopts daughter, then ends up adopting her 3 siblings to complete family

The Beauchene couple loves children. Together, they have 6 children from previous marriages. They felt called to adopt a little girl but ended up with 4 adoptions total.

Michelle worked at a Christian school for toddlers and interacted with a sweet girl named Lilliana. She and her husband Don decided to adopt her.

“I [knew] we could give her such a good home and we could give her such a good life and she was so connected to us,” Michelle told “Good Morning America.”

They turned in the proper forms to complete the adoption and soon received a phone call the same day.

“They said, ‘Would you guys be interested in considering maybe fostering or possibly adopting a second one?'” Don shared.

At that moment, the two were informed that Lilliana’s original mother had a second baby on the way. The Beauchenes had to decide fast. Adopt Lilliana, or also adopt her newborn sister.

“We’re, like, ‘What are we gonna do? What are we gonna do?’ And I said, ‘You can’t take back a no. But if the yes doesn’t work, there are other options. So let’s say yes,'” Michelle shared.

Once the family was settled in with two adopted little girls, they saw a child on the news who was in need of a liver.

“I looked at Don, and I said, ‘She looks so much like Lilliana, it’s so weird. The next day, Lily came from school and she said, ‘My sister was on TV.'” recalls Michelle.

“I said, ‘Your sister was on TV?’ Lilliana replied, ‘Yeah, she was on TV.’ And I said, ‘Oh, my goodness, that is her sister.'”

Michelle and Don inquired to get more information and found out that the two little girls they adopted had an older brother and sister.

The couple felt blessed to adopt all 4 children so they could be together.

Don reflects his thoughts about his adopted children. “These kids didn’t make a choice in here. They just are collateral damage. Somebody’s gotta be their voice.”

Michelle sums it up by saying, “God definitely put this in our paths.”Source: GMA

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