Conjoined Twins Abby & Brittany Hensel Have Exciting News To Share

God creates each of us in a unique way and wants us to follow his calling for our lives. Abby and Brittany Hensel are very unique, they are two girls who are famous for being conjoined twins! The girls were in the spotlight when they were younger and their parents made the decision not to separate them. Now, they are living life to the fullest! Abby and Brittany have accomplished so much in the lives so far, and now they just checked off another major victory: graduating from college and landing their first job!

Most recently, the girls had been student teaching at an elementary school while finishing up their education degree. Now, the twins have accepted a  job as fifth-grade math teachers! Their mother said that when they were younger, the twins each wanted separate careers from the other. But, now the girls are thrilled about embarking on their new shared career as teachers. And, the school the girls will be teaching at is as equally excited to have the twins as part of their staff. Check out the twins in the video below to hear more about their exciting new job:

[Source/Laughing Squid]

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