Chris Pratt Uses Social Media To Boldly Profess His Christian Faith

When we profess our faith publicly we are praising and glorifying God. But when we deny our faith, we deny the God that created us in His own image and likeness. For Christians, part of our mission on earth is to spread the good news of Jesus Christ and to bring more people to Him. To be a true Christian is to be like Christ and stand up for what we believe in. Chris Pratt is one of the few Hollywood actors who is very open about his Christian faith. The actor often posts on twitter about his religious beliefs and shares how his faith helps him in hard times.

Sam, a young fan of the actor, was dying of cancer and when Chris Pratt heard about it he asked his other fans to pray for the young boy. Chris said that prayers saved his son and that Sam needed a miracle so to please pray for him. On several occasions, Chris has openly professed his Christianity. In one of his tweets, he posted a picture of a pocket dump tray his older brother Cully Pratt had made for him. The tray had a picture of Jesus carved on it with a verse from the Bible: I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me. –Philippians 4:13

So my brother, @cullypratt makes these awesome pocket dump trays. We all need a place to throw our wallets, keys, cell-phones, lighters, pistols or whatever else we keep in your pocket so you know exactly where it is the next day. Well he wanted to make me one and asked me what I wanted on it. I went for the usual chris answer, American bald eagle smoking a cigar, holding a machine gun and an American flag whirling all bad ass in the wind maybe with some nunchucks or something. But then I thought a lot about being homesick. I’d like having a touchstone that I could take with me as I travel on the road for work. Something less straight up bad ass hero and more homesick in need of comfort. So I though about this great bible verse Philippians 4:13 which I’ve relied on for strength from time to time. And he knocks this thing out in like a day!! Reclaimed wood and a wood burner. All by hand. He does all kinds of awesome art stuff and in proud of him. He’s so awesome and you should follow him. He’s a unique individual and my best friend. An army veteran and a sheriffs deputy who has seen a lot of shit in his life but gets up everyday to go to work and help people having bad days cause he’s a real hero. A hero who loves to make something out of nothing with his bare hands. He’s very good and when we were kids he used to make me smell his finger and I always fell for it and I wore his clothes and worshiped him and I still do to this day. Thanks to my big brother from the same mother for my awesome #cullypepper dump tray. It’s my favorite thing I have.

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Chris claims that that particular Bible verse has helped him through many hard times in his life. Chris regularly worships at Zoe Church in Los Angeles and has also attended a Christian concert in Ontario, Canada. Chris Pratt is a wonderful example of how Christians should proudly profess their faith.

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