Bully Sets 13-Year-Old’s Hair On Fire While Classmates Laugh

13-year-old Nevaeh Robinson was a victim of a brutal attack while waiting for her bus after school at Samuel Gompers School in Philadelphia,

The eighth-grader says she was approached by a male classmate who pulled out a lighter and set her hair on fire. As flames quickly spread across her hairline, a few of Nevaeh’s classmates just stood there laughing and watching.

For a few terrifying moments, Nevaeh thought was going to die.

She sustained first-degree burns and now wears a scarf to cover her bald patches. If it had not been for her sister, brother, and friend helping pat down the flames, the situation could have been far worse.

Nevaeh’s mom, Tanya, claims Nevaeh has experienced harassment by her classmates before.

Tanya is demanding the person who did this be expelled from school.

Doctors are saying Nevaeh is lucky to have survived the ordeal and that her hairstyle actually saved her life.

But this story does have a positive ending… once Nevaeh’s story began to circulate throughout her community, an extraordinary group of people showed her some support that was much-needed.

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