Brother and Sister Witness Couple with 11-day-old Baby’s Horrific Crash And Start Trying To Break The Windows

Life sometimes presents us moments where we have the opportunity to do God’s work. Rising above your own instincts of self-preservation to save another soul is possibly one of the hardest things to do. But when you have faith in your heart, the choice is simpler. And that’s what happened to Aaron Allen and his sibling Jolisa Jones threw caution to the wind to rescue a family they didn’t know, from near certain death. Bravery such as theirs reminds us that we are all part of God’s big family.

Witness to a hit and run accident involving a Chrysler which sideswiped a Toyota Rav4 on the Interstate 75, Allen and Jones knew what they had to do. As the Toyota flipped and tumbled into a ditch, it quickly began to fill with water. Strapped into their seats, a 11-day old newborn baby girl and her parents had no hope of escaping on their own. Left there, they would have drowned before any help could reach them.

When they couldn’t pry the doors or windows open, the siblings used all their strength to turn the car on its side. Allen used his fist to break the window open assisted by his sister. He wound up tearing the tendons in his arm while Jones had hand injuries from her actions. But that doesn’t seem to matter to the brave duo.

These hometown heroes saved this family who would have probably become the hapless victims of a careless driver. Allen says seeing the baby reminded him of his own four month old at home and spurred him into action.

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