Bride-To-Be Undergoes 7-Hour Makeover

God has blessed each and every one of us with beauty. However, not all of us recognize our beauty right away or we sometimes think we need to conform to other people’s standards of beauty. But when we shed all our fears and trust in God we learn to recognize our own strengths, our own talents and through them, we see ourselves as beautiful children of God. When Holly was just a little girl her father told her that women with long hair look beautiful. For a child, her father’s words were everything so Holly always kept her hair long believing that that was the only way she looked beautiful.

It was not until much later when Holly was planning on getting married that she decided she needed a change. It turned out to be extremely lucky for Holly that she walked into Avant Garde Salon on that particular day. In the capable hands of hairstylist Jeremy Harfield, Holly’s long tresses were skillfully cut much shorter. After having more than two feet of hair cut Holly was ready to have it colored. Her hair which was earlier two-toned with brown and blonde was completely transformed to a lustrous gold thanks to the skills of colorist Sara Pestella. The cut and color not only transformed Holly’s hair but her entire look making her feel beautiful on the inside as well.

It must have taken Holly a great deal of courage to go against years of what she believed in to make her change but this brave lady did it anyway.

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