Boy passes away at school from Asthma attack after inhaler was locked in School Office

Every encounter with the terrible disease of Asthma has the potential to be deadly.

The sudden and heartbreaking passing of 12-year-old Ryan Gibbons is a somber reminder of that fact.

Ryan was an outgoing and positive boy who loved motorbikes and hiking in the forest – but a tragic mistake would soon take his life far too early.

Back in 2012, he went through an attack at school, which had happened before.

Ryan suffered an asthma attack while playing soccer in school and was unable to reach his rescue medication, which was locked in the school office.

He could have just used his inhaler at the beginning of the attack, but the life-saving inhaler had been inexplicably taken from him.

The suffering boy needed his inhaler to expand his airways and give him the ability to breathe again.

But strangely, it was the school policy to keep the life-saving devices locked in the principal’s office and spare inhalers were continually taken from Ryan.

A small group of Ryan’s friends tried to carry him to the office during the attack, but the brave kids couldn’t reach the inhaler in time.

Ryan passed out and was never able to be revived.

After an investigation by authorities, it became obvious that Ryan’s school didn’t allow him to keep his inhaler with him, in spite of continual efforts by his mother and a doctor’s note.

According to his mom, Sandra Gibbons, Ryan would often bring an additional inhaler to school so that he could work around this deadly rule.

Asthma attacks are hardly ever predictable, and it is very dangerous to keep the inhaler locked in another room.

Let this serve as a reminder to make sure that kids with medical issues have the care they need in school.

Please pray for Asthma sufferers everywhere and Ryan’s family!

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