Blind Dog Gets Surgery So He Can See, Now 14 Million People Have Fallen In Love With His Reaction

Duffy, a loveable Irish Terrier and rescue dog, was able to regain his sight, and his overjoyed reaction says it all.

Duffy has went through many struggles with his health in his lifetime. He developed diabetes and then lost his sight.

Doctors were able to stabalize his diabetes with the help of medication. But Duffy was just never the same once he lost his sight. Can you imagine that happening to you? And no one can sit you down and explain to you why the world oneday grew dark and now you are forever in darkness. It has to be teryifying for him.

Duffy, thankfully, qualified for eye surgery. The surgery would be able to give him back his sight. Though Duffy had no clue what was about to happen.

The video below shows Duffy after surgery when he sees his parents for the first time since he had went blind.

Look at his tail wag! It’s moving a thousand miles per hour. You can see how truly overjoyed and excited he is to see his family once again.

He gets so overwhelemed that he starts to make a little high-pitched cry. I think it’s his way of showing tears of joy.

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