Blind & Deaf Dog Senses When Her Dad Comes Home — It’s The Sweetest Thing

This breathtakingly beautiful animal has to live with disabilities everyday. She is blind and deaf, making her life much harder and challenging.

If you have been around dogs before, you know when they wag their tails, its means they are happy. You can see in the video she continues to wag her tail and is living life with the the cards she was dealt. She isn’t depressed but enjoying the life she has. Wouldn’t it be great if we all had this positive attitude in our lives?

She’s a complete bundle of energy and she doesn’t let her disability hinder her. Christine Bray, the dog’s owner filmed this adorable encounter where we see her getting excited as Christine’s husband comes home.

Obviously, the dog can’t see or hear her owner coming, but she does smell him from a distance and as soon as she catches a his scent, she’s jumping with joy. Wouldn’t it be great if humans reacted this way to meeting each other?

You can see how much she loves her owners. It makes my eyes start to water just watching it.

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