Black Panther Star Opens Up About Finding Jesus

When our lives lose purpose and direction, we should remember that God will always be there to guide us to the path of righteousness. We must dedicate our lives to God so that he will give us the strength and will to face a variety of hardships. Pray to God so that he will help us when we need him the most.Black Panther, one of Marvel’s most successful movies is a hit in Christian and secular circles, because of its unique take on life. Joshua Pease, the author, said, “Black Panther is a radical film in that it looks at our country racially, culturally, politically, dares to find empathy in both sides, but ultimately insists you can’t ever truly be great if you’re not first good. It’s a point Christians would do well to consider.”

Letitia Wright, the actor who plays Shuri, who is T’Challa’s little sister, almost didn’t get the role after giving up acting, as she wanted to improve her relationship with the Lord. She said, “I needed to take a break from acting because I really idolized it. So I came off from it and I went on a journey to discover my relationship with God, and I became a Christian. It really just gave me so much love and light within myself. I felt secure like I didn’t need validation from anyone else, or from getting a part. My happiness wasn’t dependent on that, it was dependent on my relationship with God.” After taking a seven-month break, she found the true purpose of acting, which is to spread the love and word of God. She added, “Where I go, where He takes me, that’s where I need to spread the love of God. Because people’s souls are dying. My soul was dying, and He saved me. So I can’t keep this to myself … I fell in love with Jesus and I’m still in love. Amen.”

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