Black Man Embraces White Supremacist, Then Hears 4 Words From God

Matthew 5:44 says “Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you.” How relevant these words in the world of today, 2,000 years after they were first uttered? The society we live in today is rife with hatred, enmity and every evil thing possible – and still, the way that Christ taught us to battle hatred is more powerful than ever: love.

Perhaps the most touching evidence of this is when Aaron Courtney, a Black high-school football coach, actually went and hugged a white-supremacist. Randy Furniss, a controversial White-supremacist figure, gave a speech at the University of Florida last Thursday, pushing white-Supremacist agenda, much to the anger and fury of those around. Courtney, however, reacted differently. As the son of a bishop, Courtney said he was guided by an inner voice to go up to Furniss and hug him instead, so that is what he did. He went up to Furniss, hugged him, and asked him why he hated black people so much. Although at first Furniss had no answer, he eventually said that he didn’t know, turning the tables completely. Furniss also gave in and hugged Courtney back, sending a strong message to not only the people gathered there, but to every one of us who have heard of this incident. Courtney even said that as Furniss hugged him back, he heard the words, “You changed his life”, in his ears. This just goes to prove a simple truth that the Gospel has been preaching – that love conquers all!

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