Birth Photographer Captures Amazing Moment ‘Miracle Baby’ Is Born

Keep faith in God and you will be rewarded – a saying we’ve all heard multiple times. But it’s not until things like this happen that we actually realize how true that can be. This Wichita birth photographer was contacted by Joe and Katie, a couple expecting a baby, and what she witnessed changed her life forever. This couple’s birth story was a rare and special case. When Katie contacted the photographer, all she wanted was to capture the few moments that she had with her daughter after the birth. The photographer agreed and met them in the hospital on the day of the delivery.

Their baby girl was not expected to live past birth, her bell-shaped chest would cause her to have difficulty breathing outside her mother’s womb, according to all the scans. Well, baby Eleanor ended up defeating all odds as her chest size had miraculously increased upon birth. A loud cry was the last thing anyone in the operating room expected as Eleanor was born.

She has Arthrogryposis, meaning that she was born with joint contractures. Usually, the muscles around these joints are either weak, thin, missing, or stiff. Arthrogryposis affects every 1 baby out of 3,000. The condition does not worsen over time. In most cases, proper treatment can help with movement and improvements in what they can do. Most children born with this condition have normal cognitive and language skills. They also have a normal lifespan. They can also lead a fulfilling and independent life as adults. Some, however, end up needing more help with daily activities than others. Some walk while others are restricted to a wheelchair. Let’s hope that Eleanor has a normal life from here on out.

Share this miracle birth story and pray for baby Eleanor as she continues to grow and learn!

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