Ballerina Has Internet In Fit Of Laughter When She Dances To Her Own Beat

They say that rules were put in place for a reason and in most cases, that’s true. In this case, however, this girl’s complete disregard for the rules are just a joy to behold. God sometimes gives us many talents to bring joy to the world. Some people are singers, some are good dancers, and some are great entertainers. Ballet is known as an elegant and sophisticated form of dance. It takes a lot of hard work and practice for professionals to master the art. This little girl’s parents thought it would be a good idea to enroll her in ballet lessons as a way to keep her busy. They thought that learning something as sophisticated and strict as ballet would instill some perseverance in their little girl.

During her class, the instructor puts on a hip-hop track so that they could practice their Pirouettes and Plies. However, when this little girl hears the song, she starts moving to her own beat. At the beginning of the lesson, the little ballerina follows all the basic instructions just fine. After the first few warm-up exercises, the beat starts picking up and this little girl just can’t seem to resist it. When the beat drops, all the other ballerinas follow through with their pirouettes and plies while this little girl puts her hands on her knees and has her own dance party.

She snaps back to reality for a second after realizing that she spaced out and was in her own world for a bit. She tries to resume the class but the music is just too fun to resist. This adorable little girl bounces around and stomps her feet to the music for a few seconds. Then she tries to reel it back in again. Hip-hop is clearly her preferred genre!

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