After Their Father Passes Away, Teacher Takes Former Students to Daddy-Daughter Dance

In Davison, Michigan, a loving neighborhood pulled together to support a devastated woman and five kids, as they managed the difficult loss of their father and husband.

Luke Reece’s health rapidly declined after about two weeks from arriving at his local hospital. He passed away shortly after on Sept. 19 from blood complications.

Efforts to raise money for burial costs and hospital bills were made with a pledge drive at a neighborhood eatery, and a GoFundMe. There was also another special way the family received help.

Steven Culbert, a previous instructor of two of Luke’s girls, realized that the family was going through a lot. He previously supported them and helped out when Luke first went to the hospital.

Shelley, Luke’s widow, shared a post on social media letting others know that Mr. Culbert had visited the hospital with the family during her husband’s sickness.

She spoke kindly of him by saying “He has always been a teacher and role model children could look up to, he goes above and beyond for all his students.”

While Luke was receiving medical treatment, Mr. Culbert invited the two girls to go to the school’s daddy-daughter dance with him and his daughters.

Unfortunately, their dad passed away a month prior to the event, yet the welcome for the young ladies was still totally open. Neighbors, friends, and strangers contributed to ensuring it was a night the young ladies could always remember.

Dresses, corsages, Mr. Culbert’s boutonniere, and even salon services were all purchased by various people to bless them for the evening.

“It felt like as though I was a Barbie Doll,” Avery told WJRT.

Before heading to the festivities, balloons were released with the message #BeLikeLuke, as they quietly paused for a minute to respect their deceased dad.

A limo to stylishly take everyone amazed the young ladies. Shelley said they were “tickled and excited.”

After the joyous and blessed dance, Mr. Culbert and the girls went for frozen yogurt. Other than playfully mentioning possible dancing tips for Mr. Culbert, the girls had a fantastic time.

Shelley was tremendously grateful for the love given to her daughters that night. She stated, “There are not enough words to express my gratitude to this humble giving teacher and friend and everyone involved to make this a night to remember. He has wrapped his arms around my girls and made sure they know he is there for them since Lukes passing.”

“They are important to me just like my own family is and I want them to trust me, and I want them to believe in me the same way I believe in them and trust them.” Mr. Culert stated reflecting on his intentions.

Source: WJRT

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