After Seeing Homeless Man Trip On Worn-Out Shoes, Policeman Gives Him the Pair Off His Own Feet

A homeless man was stunned by a policeman’s act of kindness after the police officer took off his shoes and gave them to the man because his shoes were worn and ripped.

Earlier this week, Niles Police Department officer Brian Zagorski in Illinois saw the homeless person trip on his shoes ‘ worn-out rubber soles as he walked by.

When Zagorski approached the man, he started up a conversation with him and asked about his circumstances.

The policeman asked if the man wanted a bag of toiletries and supplies provided courtesy of a police department community aid program, but he declined.

The policeman then questioned what the size of the man’s shoe was – and his they were the same size as that of Zagorski, as destiny would have it.

Zagorski took off his shoes without hesitation and gave them to the homeless man.

After Zagorski made sure his new acquaintance didn’t need any extra help, the guy walked away happily with a new pair of shoes on his feet.

“I was happy,” Zagosrki told WGN-TV. “I made a difference, and that’s essentially what we sign up to do, is to make a difference.”

Zagorski says that since the exchange took place earlier this week, he hasn’t seen him again, but the sympathetic officer plans to keep an eye out for him in the future if he requires assistance with anything else.

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