A Dad exercises with his kids before he leaves for the Navy for 3 months.

Children are a blessing from God himself. That’s why it’s so hard to leave them behind when you have to go somewhere for work. After all, how easy is it to leave a blessing behind? Children exceed our expectations in all manners. Instead of pushing them and pestering them, it’s our duty to support them.

This dad was about to leave for the Navy for a long three months. So in order to spend some quality time with his kids, he decided to have a work out session with them! How adorable is that? His idea of a bonding session with his little ones involved exercise. He’s also teaching them that in order to have a healthy body and mind, you need to keep to a strict exercise routine. He sure did. He does one of the most common exercises with his kids. But that’s not the highlight of this video, the kids are just everything. Check out the video to find out how this amazing father bonds with his kids.

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