8 Expert Cleaning Tricks using Household Items

The sheer variety of the number of cleaning activities that go into maintaining a home can be daunting. Different environments call for different cleaning techniques and equipment. You have your glass window panes, dishes, floors, toilets and bathrooms, carpets and rugs and blinds among others.

The market today provides a dizzying array of cleaning products for each and every situation. There are dishwashing soaps, toilet cleaning solutions, polishing and coating agents and detergents among others. While a particular cleaning solution or detergent might seem like the perfect fix for that tough blotch, chances are there are items right in your own house that can be used for such rigorous cleaning.

The internet is flooded with videos and content demonstrating easy to perform lifehacks and cleaning tricks that not only save effort but are also an inexpensive solution when compared to commercial products. Some examples of household items that are potent cleaning agents are mentioned below.

Instead of buying expensive glass and window cleaners, you can use carbonated water to achieve smudge-free glass panes. It is not only cheap but also non-toxic in nature.

You can also use your floor finishing solutions to clean window edges and crevices which collect a lot of dust over time.

Ceilings are always hosting a party of spider webs, dust, mildew, and other contaminants. You can achieve spotless ceilings simply by cleaning them with a solution of equal parts water and white vinegar.

To know more about such ingenious house cleaning tricks, watch this video.

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