6 Before And After Photos That Show They Power Of Sobriety

Vices like alcoholism, gambling, and substance abuse can ruin our lives and those of the ones we love. But our ever-loving Father in heaven is always reaching out to us, waiting to bring us back on the right path. A simple prayer from the heart asking for God’s forgiveness and guidance can take us a long way in improving our lives and being better people.

Here are some beautiful visual representations of people who found the strength to overcome alcoholism and completely transform their lives:

1. Reddit user Ghostbackwards transformed his life in just seven months by giving up alcohol. In pictures he posted on the popular website, you can see that he has lost a lot of weight and overall looks much healthier.

2. Brittsuzanne lost 30 pounds and her skin looked healthy and glowing after she gave up drinking.

3. In a year and a half, Dr_dan_is_sober turned his life around completely. From being overweight, in debt, alone, and without a job, Dr_dan_is_sober lost weight, became debt free, started a great career, and is in a happy relationship.

4. Size16french when faced with the reality that he had acute pancreatitis took only six months to transform his life. He is now healthy and bikes 33 miles a day!

5. In one year Beth Leipholtz went from being overweight and bloated to fit and healthy by giving up her drinking habit.

6. Tonya and her significant other took the road to sobriety together and both are happier and have lost a ton of weight with a new lease on life.

These are regular people who beat alcoholism, if they can do it so can anybody else.

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