5 Pictures Taken At Exactly The Right Moment

There is beauty around us everywhere we look. Our almighty God has created for us a world of plenty that is full of color, sounds, tastes, and smells to tantalize all our senses. Every now and then God sends us a little message to remind us to stop and notice the beauty all around.

We take pictures to remember a moment, a person, or a place, but sometimes when we look back we notice something that makes the picture even more special. Here is a collection of photos that were timed to perfection either knowingly or unknowingly and have a great effect.

1. This hilarious picture of a fish photobombing a man snorkeling makes him look like a merman with a fish head.

2. Another priceless moment is a picture of a dog yawning in front of a picture of a dog yawning in the exact same pose. Nothing to yawn about there.

3. In what is possibly one of the rarest pictures, a shark is photographed just before it is about to surface above the water. The layer of water still over the emerging shark is seen clearly and looks like a veil of water.

4. A fish staring into the jaws of death (or beak in this case), makes for an amazing photograph that is completely frame-worthy.

5. One strategically taken picture with a dog laying in the grass just behind a barbeque pit looks like the canine has a bit of dragon blood in it.

These and other pictures in the collection show us that life is beautiful and timing really is everything.

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