5 Of The Cutest Animal Pictures Taken At Exactly The Right Moment

Every creation of God is perfect. We realize this every time we spend time in nature and see trees, birds, and animals. The beauty all around us is a constant reminder of God’s love for us, and animals are a precious gift that we should treasure and protect for the glory of God.

Photographing animals can be challenging at times, you see the perfect shot, but by the time you get the camera, it’s gone. However, every now and then the perfect picture just happens and sometimes it is even better than what we hoped for.

1. In one perfectly timed picture, a pretty green chameleon is captured sitting back on a leaf looking very much like it is playing a banjo that is made out of another leaf. We are lucky to have this lovely picture captured on camera.

2. One of the cutest animal pictures has to be the photo of a little piglet snuggled up comfortably between two cats.

3. A picture of a baby turtle asleep in the palm of someone’s hand makes you want to sing it a lullaby and kiss it goodnight. Yes, it really is that cute.

4. The picture of a red panda snacking on bamboo leaves and looking like it’s smiling and having a really good time is sure to make you go awwww!

5. There is actually a real-life owl and a pussycat and pictures of them are absolutely adorable. The pair looking lovingly at each other or snuggled up together for a nap is sure to make your heart melt.

Keep a lookout for cute animal moments, you never know when you might get the perfect picture!

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