A 3D ‘Carbon Copy’ Of Jesus Created Using The Shroud Of Turin

It’s been more than two centuries since Jesus walked on earth, but his sacrifice for us will never be forgotten. Many of us wonder what Jesus actually looked like, and now professors from the University of Padua are seeking to better answer that question by creating a 3D carbon copy of Jesus based on the Shroud Of Turin. “We believe that we have the precise image of what Jesus looked like on this earth,” Professor Giulio Fanti of the University of Padua said. “This statue is the three-dimensional representation in actual size of the Man of the Shroud, created following the precise measurements taken from the cloth in which the body of Christ was wrapped after the crucifixion.”

Fanti has been studying the Shroud and based on his measurements, the professor has now created a “carbon copy” in 3D which, he claims, allows him to affirm that these are the true features of Christ who was crucified. “Therefore, we believe that we finally have the precise image of what Jesus looked like on this earth. From now on, He may no longer be depicted without taking this work into account.” Fanti said. “According to our studies, Jesus was a man of extraordinary beauty. Long-limbed, but very robust, he was nearly 5 ft. 11 in. tall, whereas the average height at the time was around 5 ft. 5 in. And he had a regal and majestic expression.”

And, after a lot of studying and three-dimensional projection of the figure, Fanti was even able to count the numerous wounds on the body of the man of the Shroud. “On the Shroud, I counted 370 wounds from the flagellation, without taking into account the wounds on his sides, which the Shroud doesn’t show because it only enveloped the back and front of the body,” Fanti said. “We can therefore hypothesize a total of at least 600 blows. In addition, the three-dimensional reconstruction has made it possible to discover that at the moment of his death, the man of the Shroud sagged down towards the right, because his right shoulder was dislocated so seriously as to injure the nerves.”

Take a look at the 3D carbon copy in the video below:


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