3 More Kids & 2 Adults Hit in Another Tragic School Bus Stop Accident

There has been an increase in tragic school bus-related accidents in this last week of October.

The first of events took place in Indiana as three kids approached their school bus stop, and were sadly killed. A second accident affected two brothers in Mississippi. The third situation happened in Tampa, Florida involving 3 children and 2 adults.

In the most recent tragedy, a groups standard morning routine turned terribly wrong after a fast moving vehicle ran into the group, seriously injuring them.

Help was quickly on the way to assist those injured when those emergency vehicles had a serious accident themselves while in route.

The little ones injured are between 6 and 12 years of age. A fireman inside an emergency truck was also injured along with other adults. The speeding car and it’s owner are being handled by authorities.

Please pray for everyone and their families.

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