2 Mean Girls Call Her ‘Ugly’… Then She Looks Them Straight In The Eyes And Does This!

Bullies can be hard to deal with. There are people who choose to be downright mean purely for selfish reasons. But we must also realize that God created each and every one of us in a certain way. The bitter attitude of bullies comes from a deep sense of insecurity. It is natural for people to fight back when they are hurting inside. Even those who are bullied often want revenge. However, if one takes a step back and responds to bullies with kindness, then it can often have a positive effect. Harriet Rae found herself in a similar situation when she overheard two girls at the local drug store mocking her appearance and calling her “ugly”. But instead of lashing back or ignoring them, she chose to respond with a cheesy broad smile. Those two were left speechless by her response.

She later posted her story on Facebook which has already gone viral, being shared over 50,000 times in three days. She speaks directly to the two girls in the post without actually revealing their identity. “Just so you know, your words didn’t hurt me. The looks you gave me did not either,” she writes. With her kind words, she tells them that it is not okay to bully someone or talk about any individual in such a fashion. She even posted a lovely but cheeky photo of her along with the post. The drug store has since then apologized for the incident and has even taken up her case for training purposes.

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