11-year-old takes matters into her own hands and saves brother when strangers drags him from yard

Julianne, 11, was having fun with her 6-year-old brother Hayden outside her house in Cleveland when they were approached by a stranger.

The man, who seemed to be in his 30s, started to talk to them, but the siblings couldn’t tell what he was saying. At first, they didn’t really care much about it and just proceeded to have fun as he went away.

Moments later, the man came back — and this time he suddenly grabbed Hayden’s hand and started yanking him and pulling him away from the front yard. Julianne realized in her gut that this was an attempted abduction and she needed to do something fas in order to save her brother from this terrible man! She tapped into her quick-thinking and took even faster action.

Because of the heroic action of his older sister, Hayden was rescued that day from a potentially terrible destiny. Once their father Joshua discovered what had just happened, he walked outside, saw the suspect wandering down the road, and in a condition of rage called out to him — but the guy got away before Joshua could catch up.

But Julianne wasn’t finished saving the day (and protecting her society from another feasible effort at abduction) … because she paid close attention to the man’s presence.

Want to know what this brave little girl did? Watch the video below to hear the lessons her parents taught Julianne that she said she helped save the life of her brother.

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