11-Year-Old Girl In Critical Condition After Being Hit By Car While Getting Off School Bus

When 11-year-old Shianne Dean was getting off her school bus last Friday, she was blindsided by a negligent driver.

That day, May 3, 2019, Shianne Dean’s sister – she’s just nine years old – had front-row seats to the accident.

She was injured so badly that immediately after getting struck by the car, doctors said she was in critical condition.

Shianne’s mother, Latonya Williams, was informed by a neighbor’s child who had also gotten off of the bus seconds after the accident took place.

Ms. Williams then took off to the hospital, where she still never left her daughters side.

Shianne has fought through two brain surgeries since the accident nearly a full week ago.

John Elder of the Minneapolis Police Department shared in an interview with a local news station that the driver likely didn’t see the bright red, blinking, stop-sign-holding arm that was hanging out from the bus’ side.

The driver in the accident was 60-year-old Gregory Garth. Mr. Garth was arrested at the scene and was released from jail just two days after the incident.

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