Woman shares warning after waking up and finding her eyes turned to ‘jelly’ after spider bite

One mother, Natalie Pumfrey, woke in horror with puffy eyes and blurred sight, which led to an urgent visit to the hospital. The reason? She was attacked by a ‘false widow’ spider in the night while she slept.

Natalie, a mother-of-two from Essex, England, said “I felt it on my face and pinched and threw it across the room. This is about 4am. I woke up at 6am with my daughter and I got out of bed. I couldn’t see out of my eyes so I wondered if I had conjunctivitis.”

Natalie soon became aware that the condition was worse than she had initially thought. “My husband looked at me and said, ‘look in the mirror’. I had huge, glazed eyes with all the white bits looking like jelly. I said, ‘I can’t see out of them’.”

Natalie was rushed to the hospital ad underwent emergency treatment. Thankfully no permanent damage was done. Looking back, though, Natalie said she is afraid it could happen again if she continues to sleep with the window open.

“A lady at the hospital said it could be a false widow spider. They’re not massive. They’re maybe the size of a £2 coin,” She said: “I had a 10-week old baby in the room. Thankfully it didn’t bite my daughter. She was in the cot and my two-year-old was asleep in our room too.”

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