When Her Son Came Home From School Looking Like This, She Wanted The Teacher Fired

Imagine your child coming home from school with the side of his face completely pink and bruised. One would think maybe he was beaten up by another student. For a mother in China, the disturbing reality was it was the teacher.

Xiaochen is a senior at Suyu High School. He was said to have been chatting to another peer instead of studying. The alleged response from the teacher was slapping the young man 12 times on his face after slapping a young woman first.

Students claimed the teacher completely lost her temper and even dragged the young man on the floor.

In addition to the emotional trauma he also had a lot of physical damage. Xiaochen had a concussion, broken blood vessels and some short-term hearing loss from the attack.

The teacher has been fired from the school as a result of this terrible event. The school has decided to pay for the medical expenses incurred from the altercation.

The story was shared in the Daily Mail where readers were active in sharing their thoughts.

“No child should ever have to endure this. Especially for an authority figure. Terrible,” one person wrote.

“Who is the beast who did this? She should have been pictured and shamed,” another said.

Let’s pray this doesn’t happen to other kids. Also prayers for Xiaochen’s quick recovery.

Jesus is a healer, and he can heal our hearts from difficult moments in life. Thank you Lord for being our strength and refuge.

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