The ‘Thankful Pumpkin’ has caught on with families around the world

“Lover of Jesus and passionate about my family” is how Amy Latta describes herself in her bio. She is a crafty woman, who simply wanted her son Noa and family to appreciate their many blessings in the fall season. Amy decided a pumpkin would do the trick and everyone wrote what they were grateful for on it.

In an interview with TODAY Parents, Latta said, “At meals, we were playing the ‘thankful game,’ where we would take turns going around the table and saying things we were grateful for, and I thought it would be fun for him — and for all of us — to physically see just how many blessings that added up to,”

It happened effortlessly, as the family had recently gone pumpkin picking at a nearby farm. She picked up an ink pen and started jotting down all they were thankful for on one of the pumpkins.

“It was a great visual reminder of how blessed we are, and he loved watching the pumpkin fill up as we added to it every day,” Latta explains.

They have pictures of past pumpkins enjoy reminiscing together.

Amy shared her idea on the web and the ‘Thankful Pumpkin’ idea quickly spread all over the world.

“I was excited to get the project out there because it is so simple and requires no special skills or materials. Literally, anyone can do it, and I was excited to think about other families taking time to focus on gratitude. My favorite thing is when people send photos of the pumpkins they created, filled with all kinds of wonderful things!”

Amy’s family recently adopted 11-year-old Nathan and talked about his first pumpkin.

“When we got home from China and started our pumpkin, we explained the activity to him and he was excited to participate.”

“At the time, he spoke very little English, so he wrote the Chinese characters for mama, baba (daddy), didi (little brother), and jiating (family). It was our first bi-lingual pumpkin and it was so beautiful.”

“It touched my heart so much, and all of us certainly had many extra things to be thankful for last fall as we started life as a family of four.”

What a great way to share God’s blessings this holiday season!

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