Pregnant Woman Has Never Met Server Boyfriend’s Family Until Customer Writes Note About Them

In July 2016, Taryn and Ben were elated to announce they were expecting their first baby. The young couple from Spring, Texas, were even more thrilled to learn it was a boy, due in January 2017.

Taryn and Ben are both hard-workers with difficult schedules. And while Taryn’s family lives in the US, Ben’s family is from Ireland.

Though it has always been a goal for them both, Ben has never had the opportunity to take Taryn to his homeland and introduce her to his family… especially now that they’ll have a son with Irish roots.

Recently, Ben came home from working a shift at his restaurant when he gave Taryn one of his customer’s paid receipts.

The total for the table’s meal rang up to $122.87 — but then Taryn looked at what the customer had written in the “tip” line.

He handed her a customer’s paid receipt from earlier at work. A complete stranger was seated in Ben’s section and he struck up a conversation with the friendly table.

He was stunned when the table left a $750 tip on a $122.87 bill, along with a handwritten note:

Hopefully, this can get you back to Ireland for the holidays.

Taryn quickly the photo to Facebook, where it went viral in no time.

“Thought I would share it to show everyone that there is not only hate out there,” Taryn said as she shared her photo.

“Truly blessed.”

Thanks to a stranger’s act of pure generosity, Ben, Taryn and Killian will be able to make that important trip after all.

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